Loving Dark Mode - And a Couple Requests

I see Darkmode shipped in a silent but beautiful way. Thanks! Grist green will always have a special place in my heart but my eyes are loving the Dark!

A couple other features that I’d like to see added to the board;

More Chart Options:

  1. It would be great to have either themes, or a color picker type option. Something that will allow us to customize the look & feel a bit more.
  2. Better Printing. Currently we can print to pdf in a kind of generic way, it would be nice to have jpg and png support, with the borders cropped to the chart visual, so that we can use if for reporting etc. Also there is an issue with printing in darkmode, the key does not show correctly.
  3. Lastly, can we have an option to enable the persistence of the labels. Currently they only show on hover, unless I’m missing something.

Thanks as always and I hope that these are doable!

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Thanks for the feedback, Chris! I’m loving dark mode too. :dark_sunglasses:

Great charts feedback. It’s all doable and features we’ve discussed and are excited for as well.

For the color picker, what do you think of a “styles” section that applies to the whole document? Set a range of colors and those apply to all charts, and perhaps other colorful features as well such as cell styles and choices.

Actually I think a styles option would be great. If I’m understanding you correctly it would almost be like creating a chart theme. If so, that would definitely make life easier. And yes the cell color styles would nice touch too.

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