Mail to link with Rich html content

Hello !

I’ve seen on that sending rich html (on my case html report with coloris, link,… built with formulas) is not possible with mail to link.
Can you confirm ?
Is there a workaround in Grist ?

Thanks :grin: !

You are right, it does not seem to be possible… As for a workaround, since mailto: links generally don’t support HTML, it would need to be an integration with some particular service to send email. This might be doable as a custom widget, but authentication may be a problem. Is there a particular email service you have in mind?

Just I have few actions plan and have built a summary table.
I cannot copy-paste this table (lacking colors, formatting stuff…) but I can generate an accepatble html report. So I would have liked to be able to click a link and send it semi-automatically.

The other way is writing a standard email with prefilled data and I can copy paste manually directly the html report which keeps the layout.