Mailing from docker

Is there a way to automate sending mail from grist (docker hosted) ?

Hi there!

Could you provide more detail of what you’d like to do, like a scenario of how this automation would work?


Hello ! :grin:

Thanks for your support!
I’m dealing with something similar to the ticket and associated action plans (mechanics industry)
I have different tables associated with references, thanks to the widget + python it works well.

We have meetings with live updates.
Once everything is done one of the following scenarios would be good:

  1. send the summary → ideally send the widget by mail :face_with_raised_eyebrow :
  2. Once a week, send an email to each action owner with their deadlines.
  3. Send an email to the owner of an action x days before the deadline

n8n should allow interacting with a self-hosted instance of Grist. Use Cron | Docs to trigger sending an email weekly or daily.