not able to insert table name as a dynamic value

We run into an issue while using Grist module to update table data. While Make has lot of dynamic items like variables which can carry things like strings and normally all modules work nicely ie. we are able to deliver values using the variables.

But, not in case of Grist ‘Update Records of a Table’ module. Passing the table name as a variable shows up an error and obviously the issue is that the content of the variable is not “unfold” as it should. We do see something else as the value for the table name?

Issus is opened on and below is their answer. It might be that there is nothing we can do about this and it is not really a show stopper, just an annoyance and incompleteness detail.

Best Regards, Tomas

Make support:

​In such cases, for feature requests, it is usually posted here as our teams do regularly visit this site and review based on the number of demands: [link removed]

In general, for apps/features that are not yet supported, it is highly suggested to use the universal HTTP module and be sure to follow the app’s endpoint/API docs so that even if it’s not yet supported, you can still use it in you Scenario: [link removed]

If let’s say if a module needs some upgrades (for example, in your case), we will need to check first if lots of the customers are affected as well, otherwise, the request will be posted in the [link removed] If the module has an issue then we will escalate the case to higher departments for investigation and possible enhancement/fix.

​About your case, the thing is that the Grist API might need to have the exact name so that the API connected to that module would then be able to read the fields and be able to get detected, if mapped dynamically, the problem is that in that actual configuration, those fields under that table won’t be detected.

So for now, I would suggest adding a router then add a filter pointing to each specific predefined (Table Name specified) modules.

In the screenshot, I see Grist’s data engine saying it doesn’t know what {{14.body.tables[].id}} is, which sounds like what you are saying, some variable is not being expanded before the call to Grist. I don’t know enough about make to say anything helpful though. The Grist API does have ways to enumerate tables and their columns if that is relevant.

Thank you Paul, just shared this with Make support. Let’s see the answer + I can then escalate it as suggested to their deeper channels.

Here’s the Make answer. Sounds like the platform can be developed further on. For now, we will use the suggested trick.

Thanks for reaching out to their team. And as mentioned previously, how the module is built is that the name must be specified first so that when the module is calling the API to let’s say show me the list of fields under this Table name, then the module will then show the available fields for mappings. The problem when mapping dynamically is that when let’s say you map the field from the previous module to that “Table Name” module, (before it runs) it cannot be able to detect as to which Table name to look to because the mapped field is still blank, it will only be filled up when the Scenario runs and the previous module gives that data. This case is also similar to how the other app modules are built in Make as well.

So for now, I would suggest adding a router and then adding a filter pointing to each specific predefined (Table Name specified) module.

I hope this helps.