Many to Many Relationship

I’m a beginner in dealing with databases and I’m not a programmer.
I am working on a historical & genealogical research database to input information from original documents, analyze the data and come up with tasks for further research.

I currently have the following tables:
Documents: form capturing the information from the documents
People: all people that appear in a document
Places: All locations mentioned in a document

There are many other tables but I’ll limit it to these for this question.

There are usually multiple people and places mentioned in a document. So there will be many people referenced in many documents. Same with the other tables.
I thought of a linking type tables. documents - people, documents - places, people - places, etc each referencing the other.
Is that a way to do that?
If so how can that happen without me manually connecting each one each time I enter a document?

Am I even asking the right questions?

Please ask for any other detail that you need for clarification.

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Thanks! Let me play with that to see if it does what I’m thinking.

You don’t have the exact task

  1. If: Document have many Peopels and same doc have many Places but People no have relations to Places in this Doc.
  2. Or: Each Document have rows (dates for example) where each row for this document have info about 1 Place and 1 People in this place?
    In this case we totaly know In wich doc and when(dates) and where(Place) was this one Person.
  3. Or another?

I’ll share more after I finish with the tutorials. That will probably clear things up in my mind before I try to have someone explain things that the the tutorials cover.
Thank you!

Feel free to just make an example in Grist and link here.
This will save time on correspondence.