Mapping marine locations

Two things. First.mapping I want to mark locations on the map via lat.long. Which I know works except there is no decent map of New Zealand. Also in that process I have a choice field of abbreviations of sites and I want the abbreviation to fill out the whole name in another column

Hello @Murray_Gilmore , welcome to the forum!

Showing locations via lat-long can be done via a custom widget. The one currently available in the widget gallery is the Map widget, which uses geographical maps from Leafletjs. Custom widgets can be modified, so it’s possible to replace it to use a different source of map tiles, but I am not to familiar with what’s available or how easy it is to change. Custom widgets are documented at Custom - Grist Help Center, and the code for current Map widget is available in the map/ folder of GitHub - gristlabs/grist-widget: A repository of custom widgets to embed in Grist documents.

Here is an example of using the current widget: Mapping Locations - Grist

For the second question about having both abbreviations and full names, it is certainly possible. The simplest is to have two columns, one with the abbreviation, the other with the full name. If you have the data mapping abbreviations to names in a separate table, then a Reference column would let you refer to these records from another table, and choose whether to show abbreviation or name as the “Show Column” setting.

Thanks for the reply. I have tried that map but it is very low resolution in the southern hemisphere so no real use.
Second thing I have done it like that but it’s not quite what I was after. I’ll keep trying.

If you can share more about the structure of your data, or a sample of it, then for the second part, I could suggest something more specific.

As for a higher-resolution map, if you know a provider of suitable maps, it should be possible to make a custom widget that renders them, but it definitely takes development work, and often involves signing up for the maps service and using an API key for your particular account with them.

I am not sure if I’ve seen anyone create a custom widget with a different source of geographical map data, so I don’t have any useful pointers, sorry!