March 2022 Newsletter - Conditional Formatting + new Sprouts Program!

March 2022 Newsletter

Sprouts Program

We’re launching a new program to help teams get up and running fast on Grist. If you know what you need, but need help building it, we’re here to help. Here’s how it works:

  • Eligibility. Anyone with a team site is eligible for the Sprouts program (even while on free trial).
  • Schedule a free 30-minute consultation call. Email and describe your use case. We’ll pair you with a Grist expert on our team and schedule a time to meet. On that call, we’ll estimate the scope of the work.
  • For quick projects. If we estimate your project can be completed in less than an hour, we’ll do it ourselves — for free! Many use cases fall into this category.
  • For larger projects. For projects longer than an hour, we’ll recommend a contractor who has been trained and vetted by Grist, and has quick access to our team.

Whether you choose to work with our contractor or with someone else, we’ll schedule one more 30-minute call to make sure everyone understands the project. Based on this, the contractor will estimate the work and quote a price.

Visit our website to submit an inquiry!

What’s New

  • Conditional formatting! Learn more.
  • Improved Column Type Guessing. When you import or copy and paste data, Grist is now much better at parsing data and guessing column types.
  • New API Method for Add or Update. Learn more.
  • Grist-help is now public! The community may now help us improve our documentation and tutorials.

Next Webinar: Custom Widgets

Custom widgets have gotten easier. Learn how to configure custom widgets from the menu of premade widgets in the creator panel.

Thursday April 14th at 12:00pm US Eastern Time.

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