Markdown custon widget = frustration


I do need a good “notepad” to take notes on my meetings, in my “meetings record system”. I’ve tried the notepad, but I just love the markdown standard. However, there are tragedies and frustration associated with the use of Markdown custom widget because if you change to another record without save, or even close the page, you lose everything. Today was one of those days… an important meeting, with important notes, and I changed to another record, without saving the notes, to recollect notes from a previous meeting and… I lost everything. So frustrating…

Any way to implement an “auto-save” feature? Is notepad better to handle with this?


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I had a grist note taking system, where i had a
table for the day/task and another table for the “bullet” points for the given task.
The benefit of this was that i could mark the “bullet” points as done with a checkbox.
I’ve used normal text cells, though.

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