Metabase connector


Is it possible to connect the Grist file with Metabase ?


Hi Sao,

That’s a great question. I don’t have any experience using Metabase - maybe another user can chime in and help!

While Grist is not a directly supported data source, you could use an integrator service to send data from Grist to one of Metabase’s data sources like MySQL , PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server. Zapier supports integrations to each of those. n8n also supports integrations with Microsoft SQL and MySQL.

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For self-hosted. Metabase can read SQLite files but they have to be on the same machine (set a path). Or if you have a process to transfer a copy of the grist files over to the metabase host server. Note that you have to create a data source for each grist document that you want to see in metabase. You do this by having the path target the grist files (and it reads/accepts them even if the extension is .grist). Filename matches the unique document code that appears in the URL to help you identify these. If you’re using Docker make sure to set a data path outside of the container.

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