Mp3 attachment rewind


Just added an mp3 to the table and it plays well but I’m not able to rewind it to custom position. Slider doesn’t work.

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Thank you for flagging this, Konstantin! :raised_hands: Does the issue persist after fully loading the clip?

I’ve experienced something similar with the video player and often it clears after the video fully loads. It’s definitely a feature we can improve and I’ve made a note about it internally.

I don’t think so, because it was a pretty small mp3 file of 1+mb.
I’m not able to go back too.

Just tested until the whole mp3 was played (to be sure it was loaded) and tried to change current position without luck.

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Thanks for digging in a little more. I made a note to implement a fix!

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The player is actually a native one to the browser, using an <audio> tag, so this behavior depends a lot on the browser and operating system. Which browser/OS are you on, where you are seeing this?

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Hello Dmitry!

I have never had a problem with the native audio player in the browser.
Win11 / Edge + just tested in Chrome = same problem.

But I found some information that could help.

It does not work the first time it loads, but if I close the player and open the same file again by pressing play, it loads and works fine.

Here is the video.


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I found a post that sounds like a plausible explanation of what the problem may be:
google chrome - HTML5 video will not loop - Stack Overflow. If correct, we could probably fix that.