Multiple documents, same database?

The context is to create applications (documents, in Grist parlance) tailored to specific functional needs. For example, Sales, Operations and Engineering.

The underlying database, in the form of a set of tables connected through relations, covers the entire organization. Each group gets visibility into a subset according to their needs.

The question is: Is it possible to create separate applications (Grist documents) for each of these sub-teams while using the same database (table set) for all three?

So far all I can think of is a single Grist document with pages for each sub-team. The problem with this approach is that pages a comingled and this can be very confusing.

Is it possible to somehow group pages into logical sets for each sub-team? And, if so, is it then possible to assign user permissions to these pages on a user-by-user basis? They all work off the same database yet only get to see and interact with domain-specific pages.

Is there a different way to do this?

right now, it’s not possible AFAIK, although this has been mentioned many times and there are probably projects about that.

what can be done right now:

1 - use GRIST api to send data from one database (document) to another, to keep them in sync.

2 - use the tecnique I mentioned in the other thread to hide pages from users

I think hiding pages from users is likely the best path right now.

The reason I say this is that, if a centralized database concept is implemented this will probably have a much lower impact on changing the implementation than adding an API-based layer to synchronize tables across applications. And, of course, while I only have a handful of users, we always have to consider the possibility of simultaneous data updates and having to add this intelligence within the manual synchronization layer.