My thoughts on Grist

I’d just like to drop a note and say you guys are amazing! The product is brilliant, the ability to use Python has just revolutionized the way I work with spreadsheet/databases. I’ve had it since August last year and use it daily. The regular update emails and the webinars are super helpful. Keep up the great work!


Thank you @Leon! It’s music to our ears! :hugs:

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Totaly agrree
I have searched for similar tool for years, I have dreamed of it, thank you gentlemen!

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This is a workflow I would love to learn more about.

Left my own workflow plan here: Python code first approach to setup widgets/cards/graphs/spreadsheets a possibility?

Do you have a loom video that walks through how you use Python in grist?

Same for me and I even don’t use any Python code for now. This is what I always wanted for my data tables: Something like a spreadsheet, easy to use like a spreadsheet and have access to my spreadsheets with a simple API.

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