Python code first approach to setup widgets/cards/graphs/spreadsheets a possibility?

I do know how to code (in Python + a few other langs) but strongly dislike the:

  1. point-and-click nature of Spreadsheets - becomes a burden definitely during setup (can be solved via templates but then see #2)
  2. the difficulty in “diffing” and version control of Spreadsheets

I really like the “code view” in grist and am wondering if it’s possible to create widgets/cards/graphs in grist from code, allowing me to skip the point-and-click atleast during setup?

This would get me the benefits of templates but with the added ability to “diff” and version control of these templates.

The idea is that I write the code to setup these widgets/cards/graphs and then non-technical people use/extend them and I continue to check them into the code repo, allowing all of us to enjoy “diff” and version control of these spreadsheets

Is this a usecase that grist supports?

It isn’t. Thanks for speaking up - we’ve had similar conversations internally about ways to push the code view further. Grist would be a good starting point on which to build what you want, but there isn’t anything on our roadmap for this yet though.

We have done some work on diffing the content of spreadsheets (example), but not yet their structure.

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