N8n tables cross document sync

Hello, I found an article on data synchronization in the n8n blog. Question for experts, will the example from the blog be relevant for Grist node?
Are there any examples in n8n on data synchronization?

I wouldn’t call myself an expert and can’t provide you with an example, but currently I’m using n8n to send data from Grist to a bunch of different places, with different triggers.

It’s mostly notifications (Slack, Discord & Google Chat), but also sending any changes/additions/removals to a backup instance that mirrors data at intervals, because honestly I just like having a backup of my backup’s backup.

The notifications are simple enough, upon changes on specific fields in Grist I use a formula to trigger an n8n workflow via a webhook, the backups (which is essentially data synchronization, just one way for the time being. I’m planning to create a manually callable workflow to “restore” from previous period) are even simpler - repeated once daily, calling both instance’s API and comparing differences, which are then applied on the mirror instance.


Thanks, very interesting, but what is the formula?

I’m sorry but I don’t have a handy copy that may work for you, I’m using requests module for the webhook call since I’m used to it, I’m not 100% whether that comes with Grist or we’ve added it later on.

If you could explain what exactly are you trying to achieve I may be able to provide at least an idea.

I just started looking at n8n and couldn’t find a trigger node for Grist. I just decided that we can create a webhook in a formula for start trigger node in n8n.