Navigate to referenced row from reference cell

I’d love to be able to quickly go to a referenced row when I see a reference cell. (probably needs a configurable page that opens in case there’s multiple pages using the table)

I checked the feature requests & docs for links, but didn’t find such a functionality.


When I know I’ll be wanting to see referenced rows a lot from a certain Widget, I will add another widget to the page for the referenced table, then set it’s “Select By” to Widget • Reference Column. That way, the second widget will always show the full row(s) of the reference cell I’ve selected

Might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but may be a workaround for the time being until if/when this kind of feature is added

Wouldn´t the process described here work?

Post some screenshots of an example of where you are and to where you would like to navigate to

One of the many examples: I have a table that summarizes some stuff, referencing drinks (Getraenk) from a “Drinks” table:

I’d love to be able navigate to the referenced drink row of the Drinks table somehow if I need to look something up.
Needing to create another cell with some hyperlink UUID formula is a bit overkill, and I’m not even sure it would work for this usecase.

At your drinks table, create a new column called LINK.

In this column, paste the formula

SELF_HYPERLINK(page=X, label=“LINK ->”) + “#a1.sY.r{}.cZ”.format($id)

Replace X Y and Z with the appropriate values you get from clicking with the right button over one of your drink cells and getting the ANCHOR LINK

Example of an anchor link

if the above was your anchor link, your formula would be
SELF_HYPERLINK(page=2, label=“LINK ->”) + “#a1.s3.r{}.c6”.format($id)

notice anumber and cnumber are fixed in the anchor link, as well as page (before the #). However, r (row?) is a variable, which is why it is replaced by {}

Ok, so you are in the drinks table and the LINK column link to that row of the table, so if you click it nothing happens.

No go back to your Summary Table with prices and the references. Add a new column right on the side of the drink and name it link. Now, the column should only be =$Geträ That will get the LINK created at the Drinks table for that row of the reference.

Thus from the drinks summary table, you have a link that when clicked will get you to the correct line/card of the Drinks table. Try it and ask if you have any doubt.

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btw, the column in the Summary table where you will get the link from the referenced table, set it to TEXT and HYPERLINK. Also, use whatever you want as LABEL


you can even use an ICON instead of text, if when editing the label you use the windows key + .
although the selection of icons and emojis that windows have is sparse in it’s usability for a backoffice system

but hey, there is a drink icon, which you might be able to identify as a drinkif you ZOOM IN. The pencil icon for “edit” is better visible

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Summary of Drinks with links… and when I click on any of the links…

I go to it’s card on the Drinks Page (ps, notice that you may hide at will the “link” field in the widget of the drinks table. It will still work in the Drink Summary table.

I hope that is what you were looking for, if not EXACTLY what you wanted.

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Thanks a lot for the ‘workaround’-solution and all the elaborate examples!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Would nearly mark it as solution, but as I meant this as a feature request (because I think this should be possible within the UI of grist, and no formulas with links), so I will keep it open.

But as I said - thanks a lot I will implement this strategy for now!

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I agree that whenever you made a cell as “reference”, there could be a check button to have a link to reference. If you don´t check it, it’s standard Grist format, no link.

If you check it, there could be a link icon just like the one when you create an hyperlink (that square with an arrow pointing upright.). And obviously, without the need to setup anything. It points to the reference

ps: there IS a problem however. A reference is a row in a table. But the same table is used in many places in Grist… you can have 10 pages all with the same table, shown as different widgets in different configurations.

So there is this extra detail… how do you tell Grist to what VIEW of the table you want to go when clicking the link?

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