Navigation between cards

When using the Card Widget, navigation between records is very cumbersome if you have multiple records. You can´t go to record 100 for example. You must click the right arrow multiple times to reach card number 100.

It should be possible to either/or type a record number, or click a down arrow and scroll through a list of a records.

A few thoughts:

  1. Perhaps the Card List widget would be helpful? It allows scrolling.

  2. The most common use of the single-card widget is when linked to a list of records, as in Lightweight CRM - Grist. This approach is explained at Linking widgets - Grist Help Center.

  3. You can add a Filter Button above a Card widget, and it would serve as a dropdown of sorts (you can click it and start typing to match some values, and hit Enter to filter for only those that match).

Another way to go straight to a record is to use Ctrl+F, that works with Card widget.

If you have several linked tables and at the same time you need all the data of the main record, it makes more sense to have a Single Card and then, when selecting the single card, having the rest of the space occupied by single cards or list of cards for the other related tables.

In the doc below, single card showing NON CONFORMITY. I will add even more fields later.

main table

Then there is a Cards List Widget for Root Cause Analysis (5 Whys), a card list widget for Immediate Actions and a card list for Action Plans.

Having the non conformities here as a card list would make it cumbersome, lots of scrolling (imagine if I have 100 non conformities registered) because of all the fields.

If I have a table to scroll, then I will have space occupied by the table and more space for the single card list.

Right now what I have is a place with a page with a table with all non conformities and a link to gets me to this screen.

But it’s not ideal to change from Table page to this Details page. I much rather change the main non conformity at a single screen (and thus the need for a better way to change between Single Card records). With 12 records, it’s easy. But as I said, when numbers increase… it will be a real nuisance.

Also it would be good if it could default to the last card not the first one. If you’re adding more data or reviewing recently added data it’s more likely to be at the end of the table