New shortcut for "Duplication current row"

I like that there are shortcut keys for “Add new row (below|above)”. I’m wondering can we please have one for “Duplicate current row (below|above)”.

This would make creating new records a lot faster. For example, in your inventory example, I can add new material under the same category without doing a lot of copy-paste.

Hope this is helpful.


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Hi Alex,
This is a very good idea. I use Grist for inventory management myself, and some shortcut to duplicate a row (or a group of selected rows) would be very useful, for example: Ctrl + D.

What I do currently is, first select the entire row, by clicking on the row number, then Ctrl + C, Ctrl + =, Ctrl + V.

Yes. That’s exactly what I did but every key stroke counts. :wink:

(certainly a low priority. new employee onboarding kind of task.)

We now have this as a new option in the menu (and a shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+D) :tada:


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