On screen help/description text for pages

Grist is a new to our users and so I want to add some descriptive text directly on certain pages to let people know what data they should enter and so on. I know you can put text in the Widget description, but that requires clicking on the description icon and I need something more direct. Right now I have just added an HTML widget to each page and I have filtered the widget to just show the text for that page (obviously not the best if the user decides to clear the filter).

Is this currently the best way to do this and is there some way to “hard code” what an HTML (or other type of widget) shows instead of relying on the filtering technique?


Check out Creating Document Tours

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Alex, good idea but the document tour is kinda of a one time thing (or even less if you cancel it) and my users need more immediate reminders. They aren’t very familiar with recording things in a structured way so I really want something on screen & all the time.

Here is a suggestion: you may write your whole documentation in one html, putting each part into a div with a specific id, and with style="display:none". Then use the html widget with two url params: tags=script (to be able to define javascript code), and page=YOUR_PAGE_ID. The code below will give you the expected result:

<div id="ShopVisitDue" style="display:none;">
<p>Here is the description of ShopVisitDue</p>

<div id="PartnerVendor" style="display:none;">
<h1>Partner / Vendor</h1>
<p>Description of Partner/Vendor</p>

  (new URLSearchParams(window.location.search))
).style.display = "block";