Open a widget, as a new record (rather than scrolling to the bottom of the long list)

Imagine a page with several linked widgets in it, including a table with 3,000 books in it. You want to add a new book.

Is there a way to add a new record without scrolling to the bottom of the list? Can you open a widget to ‘new entry’ mode?

Good question. You can insert records either using a keyboard shortcut (hit F1 for a list) or a menu (click on the row number).

For adding records, there’s a discussion here:

If you see a proposed design there you like, or have a counter-proposal, it would be great to chime in.

Thanks Paul

So if I right-click on the top row number, I can insert a row? That works.

In the discussion you referred me to, they were discussing adding “new” buttons or “+” buttons. Are these options readily available? Or were they discussing development ideas?

I would love to be able to add a button

Those are development ideas, not built yet.

Cheers. Insert row works for now

Meanwhile, a workaround is to add a card view of the same table on the page, and to define the SELECT BY of the table on this card. As the card already has a +, clicking on it will scroll to the bottom of the table. See here an example, with the Posts table linked to the Posts card.

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