Open Source: gristlabs/grist-core

Self host Grist with grist-core :github: + :grist:

Grist is open source and available on github for those who want to self-host. Check out grist-core.

Why Open Source?

By opening its source code and offering an OSI-approved free license, Grist benefits its users:

  • Open Source Community. An active community is the main draw of open-source projects. Anyone can examine source code, and contribute bug fixes or even new features. This is a big deal for a general-purpose spreadsheet-like product, where there is a long tail of features vital to someone somewhere.
  • Increased Trust. Because anyone can examine the source code, “security by obscurity” is not an option. Vulnerabilities in the code can be found by others and reported before they can cause damage.
  • Independence. The published source code—and the product built from it—are available to you regardless of the fortunes of the Grist Labs business. Whatever happens to us, this repo or its forks can live on, so that you can continue to work on your data in Grist.
  • Price Flexibility. You can build Grist from source and use it for yourself all you want without paying us a cent. While you can’t go wrong with our fully set-up and supported online service, some organizations may choose the do-it-yourself route and pay for their own server and maintenance, rather than a per-user price. DIY users are often the ones to develop new features, and can contribute them back to benefit all users of Grist.
  • Extensibility. For developers, having the source open makes it easier to build extensions (such as the experimental Custom Widget). You can more easily include Grist in your pipeline. And if a feature is missing, you can just take the source code and build on top of it!


grist-core is released under the Apache License, Version 2.0, which is an OSI-approved free software license. See LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt for more information.