Option to open table at bottom of the list

Hi there!
I was wondering if this was a feature already and if not then consider this a feature request.
When I open a table, I’d love the option to open it at the bottom of the list, rather than having to scroll to the bottom.
This is especially important for reference tables.

Essentially the idea being that when you open a reference table, you want to be at the end of the list to see the “latest” information, which’ll be at the bottom.
Current solution is of course to just sort by whatever value, and reverse the order, but this for me is a workaround, not a solution.

A couple of ideas I have for where to implement this:

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This is a common desire! There is a keyboard shortcut to quickly scroll to the bottom of a selected table. CTRL + ↓ on Windows, or ⌘ +↓ on Mac.

Here’s a full list of keyboard shortcuts: Shortcuts - Grist Help Center

A more discoverable way would be great, too.

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Thanks, decent solution until there’s a permanent one!
My current solution is to sort by whatever value, and reverse the order but, it’s not perfect, and definitely not preferred.

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Yes, it’s desirable feature – option for automatic scroll down of table or table widget. I believe that some of most common things we do after opening a table is checking newest data or adding new records which all happens in bottom of the table.

Other possible solution could be something like “persistent memory” of last position in table for each user.

Also note that maybe such options could be implemented either for tables or for table widgets and that would result a slightly different behavior.

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