Persistent list of documents in left menu

When switching from one document to the other a lot, across workspaces, there is some friction in having to click a couple times to get there and back.
It would be good to be able to star a Document, for its shortcut to always be accessible in the left menu.


That’s a nice idea! We’ll consider adding something like that. Thank you for the suggestion!

Are you referring to the left menu when a document is open (so it’s showing a list of tables), or when browsing documents in a site/workspace (so it’s showing a list of workspaces)?

When a document is open - so it’s easy to switch between the 3-4 documents I keep accessing constantly.
It’s a nice to have not a must have - the workaround is just keeping different tabs open.
But similar to Slack where you can can Favourite channels that remain in the left sidebar, having the same here for documents would be nice.

Are these documents closely related? Would it make sense to combine them into one?

One thing you can do is make a table containing links to other documents, but that’s obviously not quite as convenient.

I need to keep them separate (different clients).
Thanks for following up, but as mentioned, nice to have and not critical.
The workaround with having separate tabs open, one per document works well enough.
I’ll be posting other feature suggestions though :wink: