Possible to use Action Buttons to control filters ... maybe even with keyboard shortcuts?

I like to use my keyboard whenever possible, which makes me wish it were possible to filter a table using just the keyboard.

On a generic level, it would be nice to be able to do something like this:

  • use a command key (maybe Ctrl-Option-G for Go) to Go to a specific column
  • use a command key (maybe Ctrl-Option-F for Filter) to bring up a filter dialog
  • type a few characters to select a filter

That way I could Go to column Priority and Filter on, say, High Priority; or I could Go to column Due Date and Filter on today’s date.

What would be even cooler would be a table of commands - so, basically a column with the command name:

  • Due Today
  • High Priority
  • High Priority AND Due Today

and a column with ActionButton actions to execute those filters.

That way, I could just use Find to find the command I want, and then trigger the Action Button to perform it (… on a different table, mostly likely). It would be especially great if I could trigger the ActionButton from the keyboard.

Would something like that be possible, maybe using the Python sqlite3 library in the ActionButton?

Thank you!