Public access is "findable"?

Hi folks!

When I turn on the “Public Access” the document become “searchable” / “findable” through search engines or is available just for people with the link?



Hi Eduardo!

In public documents, we don’t ban search engines in robots.txt, but also we don’t create links to documents that a search engine may crawl. If a document is linked from elsewhere on the internet, search engines may crawl it.

By the way, it is now possible to use granular access rules to restrict what visitors to a publicly-shared document may see or edit. There are examples in two of our templates, simple polling and community-moderated crowdsourced lists. The user attribute user.SessionID can be used in rules that determine what visitors are permitted to do.

This Wednesday the 16th, at 3pm US eastern, I’ll be leading a webinar about access rules and will cover this use case.

Thanks! I’ll be on the webinar!


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