Python HTTP for Humans as cross docs data exchange

Hello, is there any plan to integrate the HTTP for Humans library into Grist?
Found this option for cross docs data exchange, is it possible to install external packages in self-hosted setup?

There are some notes on installing extra python packages in self-hosted Grist here:

There is actually an undocumented, disabled REQUEST() function that works similarly to requests:

You can use this method if you set GRIST_EXPERIMENTAL_PLUGINS=1 in Grist’s environment. As far as I remember, the syntax was:

response = REQUEST("...url...")
# should now have response.status_code, response.text, response.encoding, response.json()
response = REQUEST("...url...", params=dict(bar=123))  # to add query parameters conveniently

The function is disabled for a reason though, it is quite easy to make a mess using it, since cells can end up getting reevaluated for various reasons, which (when you use REQUEST) means requests get re-sent - maybe lots of them in a big doc. In trigger formulas, it could be useful. We didn’t figure out a way to communicate its limits well, and feared a big support load if we released it, so it got shelved. Apologies in advance, but I won’t be able to provide support if you use this function.