Records fail to LINK to a reference table, if first thing you do is attach a file

I only noticed this now. Can anyone confirm this?

If you have two tables… and 2nd table has an Attachment Column and a Reference Column, and you have a page with the two tables with the second table filtered by the first (linked), then, if the first thing you do is attach a file to the 2nd table, it looks like nothing happened.

But then you open that same table without a filter by reference, and there are several rows of records with attachments. But the records do not link to the first table.

If the 2nd table has another column with data (like text, number, etc) and before creating any attachment you write something or a number, then the row is properly linked (references) the first table, now you can attach a file and since it’s linked, it doesn´t disappear.

Oh yes, I can confirm this (small doc to copy from for anyone who wants to test: Attachment check - Grist). Will file a bug report and get this fixed. Thanks for reporting, @RogerioPenna !

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