Reference column auto-resolution

When a non-existent value is entered for a reference in the Reference column, the cell turns red, but I would like a function to insert a new record in the reference and resolve it, as when the + button is pressed.

If you are entering data manually, you can just press the + button, but if you are importing from a file, it is very difficult to press the + button one by one.

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Hi there,

While it’s not currently possible - this would be a great idea for a future feature! I will share it with the team. In the meantime, a workaround could be that you import your file into the table with your reference list first, adding the new reference records, then import the data into its table as you normally do.

Let’s use the Investment Research template as an example.

You have a table of companies.


And a table of Investments, with a reference to the Companies table.


In your current process, you could be importing investments, some of which are for companies that don’t exist yet in the Companies table, turning these values red after importing.


What I suggest is importing first into the Companies table. Select ‘Update Existing Records’ so new, duplicate records are not created for reference values that already exist. Then, just map the single column that contains the Reference value. In this case, Company is the reference column in Investments that shows the value from the permalink column of the Companies table. So I want to import the value into the permalink column of the Companies table to start.


Now when I import to the Investments table, the reference value in the Company column, already exists so it is mapped.


I hope this workaround helps!


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