Reference column based on condition formulas


Is there possible to filter/set conditions to reference column? Using access rules are no-go because we need to see all the data in tables.

I have a case where

  • first table is services → this table has data about services where there are start & end date.
  • second table is invoices → this table has invoices data which I connect to services by serviceKey.

Problem is that reference column show all services, which number is growing fast.
I want to set conditions to the reference column, so I can exclude services like archive ones, domains based on other column or show only services from this month.

It would be nice if there was an option to set a multiple condition formulas like in this place.
Like ones in row style conditions.

There is an issue on that subject. If you have a limited number of conditions, there is a workaround.

Thanks, I didn’t search this on GitHub.

This task can be closed then.