Reference problem

I created a table consisting of numbers and letters.
And then created a table that references it.
Unfortunately this reference does not succeed.
Is there any way?

How can I place the grist file?

Try to change A in table5 to a textfield and after that change it back in reference

Hi hera,
Thank you for your reply.
You mean this?

Unfortunately there is no change.

It’s grist file.

Thanks for sharing your file. It looks like your source data in Table4 contains trailing space characters: 1112 vs. 1112

Removing those, and changing the column type to ‘Text’ and back to ‘Reference’ in subsequent tables should solve the issue.

Hi nickb.
Very thanks for your answer.
When I saw the answer, I thought,
“Table7 can reference Table6,”
but the reference in this was actually Table3.
I think I lost my cool.
Thank you again.

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