Remember collapsed navigation items and favorites

Hey guys,

at first: Thank you so much for Grist, it’s an awesome piece of software that we’ve been integrating into our company at a super fast pace. :slight_smile:

There’s one thing that we miss, though, and that’s remembering, per user, the state of the collapsible navigation items. Here’s our current structure:

We use empty tables as parent items (just a minor thing, but it’d be cool to have items for structure only instead of fake tables) and add specific items underneath. When everything is collapsed, it looks great and one’s not overwhelmed.

But as soon as the page is reloaded (or someone comes back the next day), the whole tree is extended again.

Therefore it’d be great if Grist remembered the last state. :partying_face:

Another thing that we’d totally enjoy is marking items as favorites, so everyone can pin their most used items and forget about the rest.

Keep it up, and thanks again!

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