Rendering Grist inside an IFrame

Hi all. I noticed some bugs when rendering Grist inside iFrames. I don´t know if the problem is Grist or the system where the iFrame is being shown. Any help would be appreciated.

So I have this XWiki instance where I show Grist screens inside tabs.

The problem below appears to happen only on the Card COMPACT configuration

Hi @Rogerio_Penna

Have you tried displaying this iFrame elsewhere? That would give a quick indicator if the issue is with Grist or XWiki. If it’s reproducible, would you be able to share your document with and we can take a closer look?

Is the top screenshot an iframe of the advanced chart widget or some other custom widget?


it’s the advanced chart widget in the top.

I must think where else can I show an iframe. I tried some days ago for chat gpt to write me a simple html to display Grist iFrames for me to test, but it didn´t work.

if you have a suggestion of where else to test iframes… I have no idea how to simply test it like that.

Something like this could work maybe?

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Thanks Dmitry, will try it

edit: ok, I will need more time, as I will have to recreate the tables and data in the online Grist version, since JSFiddle can´t access our internal network to display the Grist URLs.