Replacing Google Sheets with Finance Linking

Hello all! Currently the only thing left to migrate off google sheets is a stock spreadsheet I have that pulls in stock quotes and data from google finance. Is there a way to use grist to create a spreadsheet that pulls in stock data, in the same fashion or a different way?

Hi there,

Welcome to the Community! Our developers are looking into this to see if its possible. Grist doesn’t have a built in function similar to GOOGLEFINANCE function or Excel’s built in functions at this time. While we work on a possible solution, you could use an integrator service to send data from your existing Google spreadsheet into Grist. Anytime a field would update, it would send data to Grist. We have a walkthrough of setting up Gsheet to Grist integration on our integrators page using Zapier.

Hello again!

Check out this template one of our developers made:

It uses so you can sign up for free and get an api key. Enter your API key into the widget then you’re ready to go! Let us know what you think and any recommendations for improvement :slight_smile:

Oh this looks very interesting Natalie, thanks so much. When I get some more time, I will definitely dive in! Appreciate the follow up, I will report back after playing with it :slight_smile:

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Looks like this will work but there seems to be quite a learning curve with grist. I use excel and sheets pretty regularly so figured I could look at this and expand easily. If I wanted to pull in other data, such as just the name of the stock in relation to the symbol, where would I go in grist to find the formula or polygon api calls to be able to pull in other data than just the sample fields provided? Thank you!

Hi Natalie,

I’m looking for a simple, fast, reliable and costless way to just get the currency rate (dollar/euro) for my Grist application. Unfortunately, today there is still nothing for that and it’s a shame.

I think Grist should provide some data like currency rates, I’m sure that would be an option that would bring in many customers. Just integrate Zapier which is very expensive and complex for this kind of use. It’s really a shame.

However, I just read your answer about this kind of problem and suggest you the Polygon solution which is better than nothing, despite the fact that the rate update is only at the end of the day for the free version.

But then, how to get this widget in a specific document?

If you have even better than Polygon proposed to retrieve currency rates, then do not hesitate.

Thanks to you.