Rest api - children endpoints

Hi there,
Is there any option to get available reference IDs for the children of the resource when doing an api call?
I mean if I do GET request for some Doc resource via Rest API is it possible to get list of all the tables available for that document as one of the parameters received back in json?

  • GET’ing Document resource would give back all available Tables IDs
  • if I do request for the table, could I get column id’s?
  • If I do request Workgroup endpoint I could get list of all documents of that group?
  • pinging Organisation resource would give workgroups IDs etc.
    (I’m not sure if I got the hierarchy above correctly, but I think you know what I mean)

I think the list of children returned could be sent as complete and containing all the children available, if user/Grist API key doesn’t have access to some child resource then it should still be listed as present (for easier development) but just could not be accessed.

That would allow for quicker coding & troubleshooting when developing external consumer services as well as automating the scripts by allowing the hierarchy introspection from the API level

Hi @Pawel_Cwiek, it would be great to have systematic endpoints like that. Here is the current motley collection:

The returned results are affected by access control, they are from the perspective of the user making the call.

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