REST API /columns PUT method. "Not found" error

Hello! Please help me figure out why i’m getting this error when trying to run PUT API method:
{‘error’: ‘not found: /api/docs/4KK7bo5hpCsfqEZBfMsqRZ/tables/Table1/columns?replaceall=True’}

At the same time all other methods in /columns section like GET, PATCH, POST running with no problems. I’m using Python (i’m just learning, sorry if there is an obvious mistakes):

import requests
headers = {“Authorization” : “Bearer <api_key>”}
base_url = “http://localhost:47478/api/
mod_col_url = “docs/4KK7bo5hpCsfqEZBfMsqRZ/tables/Table1/columns”

todo = {“columns”: [{“id”: “skus”,“fields”: {“label”: “SKUS”}},{“id”: “amount”,“fields”: {“label”: “AMOUNT”}}]}
parameters = {“replaceall”: True}

mod_columns = requests.put(base_url+mod_col_url, params = parameters, headers = headers, json = todo).json()


PUT /columns is quite new, you probably just need to update your docker image (assuming that’s how you’re hosting).

Thx for such a quick response. I’m using Grist-electron.

PS: Updated an app. Now everything is fine)). Should’ve been written couple of hours earlier…wasted a lot of time with this issue. Thank You!