Restrict users from choosing one of the options in a dropdown list

Is there a way to do this? There’s one option in my dropdown list that I only want 1 user to be able to select. All other users should be denied access from selecting that option, but would have the ability to choose any of the other options in the dropdown list.

Hi @gristexplorer ! There isn’t (yet) an option to remove the option from the dropdown, but you can disallow certain values to be saved using conditions in Access Rules.

Here is an example: Restrict Option to some users - Grist. Here, the table People assigns a role to several (fictional) users. Only one of them is allowed to set the value “Accepted”. You can preview (and try changes) as that user using Access Rules > View As:

you could also make use of the trick (that I used on my filtered reference dropdown lists)

Basically a second column where if user = X, then " ", otherwise, it repeats the value from the first options column

then you reference that formula column

ps: it needs to be a REFERENCE dropdown. A dropdown where you write the options in the dropdown itself doesn´t work.