Search reference by any fields of the referenced table


  1. Can we search, not only by the “SHOW COLUMN”,
    in this case by the name but with any others fields of the other table.
    For example, searching in the description or tags.
  2. And can we list the pictures instead too for a column of type : “reference” ?
  3. How to display the attachments of another table,
    I put a formula but if I double click, it’s not showing the images .


Hi there,

If you are trying to search through the origin table, I would recommend adding a view to your page that you can then filter by description or Tags. I created an example at the link below:

In the upper right, I have a view of the Products table that I have filtered to product that have the ‘Deli’ tag. I added the filter bar at the top so it would be easy to adjust this filter for whatever you were searching for. You could keep the table small by only showing the Product column and any other that would be useful here.


You can pull these tags into your Order Line Items table, just like you did with image and other details using the formula $Product.Tags. It will list out each tag. If you change the column to a Choice List column then copy/paste the Tags from the Products table to the Tags column of the Order Line Items table, they will appear as choices rather than values separated by commas. In the screenshot below, the top table, Order Line Items has two columns, A and Tags. They use the same formula ($Product.Tags) but the Tags column is a choice list column where I copied the choices from the Tags column of the Products table (lower half of screenshot) into this list of choices, so they match in formatting.

You can pull an attachment in with the same method as we used with tags, $Product.Pic. I see what you mean, when you click into it, it doesn’t show the picture. I’ll talk with the team and see how we can improve this. One option would be to add a Product card on the Order Line Items page that only shows the field that contains the attachment. Then, you can still have the image and can click on it to enlarge.

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Oh My God what a complete answer :grinning:.
Thank you very much :slight_smile: