Self-Hosted - Document download always 340mb

Hi, i am kind of worried with my self hosted instance. When i download my document. the Sqlite version is always 340 mb total. No matter what i add to the document. should i be worried about that? What could be the causes.

Welcome @Mariano_Igarza ! Some ways to sanity-check your download are:

  • Import it back into your self-hosted instance, and see if it looks as you’d expect, or
  • Poke around in your download with any tool that handles Sqlite (such as

Is the size always exactly the same? If so I can see why you might be nervous about possible truncation. Are you using some reverse proxy in front of Grist, such as Nginx? Some proxies have default limits on response sizes.

If you have direct access to the file system of your instance, you can find your document as a .grist file in /persist/docs. A download will be giving a copy of this file generated by Sqlite’s backup api.