Self hosted grist upload size limit?

I’m new to grist and loving it.
I have a self hosted grist behind authentik and I’m wondering if anyone with this kind of setup has a limit on the file size you can upload to grist. I’m trying to upload a .grist file of just 2.5MB and it returns an error. However there are no problems when i upload the same file to my getgrist free free plan.
I apologize if this has been dealt with here before, I just couldnt find anything on this here.
Thank you in advance.

Sorry that is happening - is there a specific error message? There are environment variables that can set limits like GRIST_MAX_UPLOAD_IMPORT_MB but doesn’t sound like that is the case here. Are you using a reverse proxy? Is it possible it has a default limit on the size of payloads it forwards?

Thanks for your promt reply.
I actually have adjusted the GRIST_MAX_UPLOAD_IMPORT_MB variable with no luck.
However, Im using a reverse proxy. I’ll check if has default limit.
Will get back to you after looking into the reverse proxy

Thank you so much. you were right. Apparently nginx allows just 1M of payload to be forwarded.
I just added this to the nginx.conf file

http {
    client_max_body_size 8M;

    //other lines...

and that was all.
Thank you once again.

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