Selfhost - "No workers" 400 error

I’m hosting my own grist on kubernetes. Sometimes (after i restart the pod sometimes?) I am able to open a table, but most of the time, when I open a workspace or create a new document, it fails to load with the 400 error “No workers”.

I’ve enabled DEBUG=true, and the logs show a 400 request for the failed URL, but there’s no other debug/output information that might help me debug this.

   - containers:
        - name: grist
          image: gristlabs/grist
          imagePullPolicy: IfNotPresent
            - name: TZ
              value: "${TIMEZONE}"
            - name: GRIST_SINGLE_ORG
              value: "docs"
            - name: APP_DOC_URL
              value: "https://tables.${SECRET_PRIVATE_DOMAIN}"
            - name: APP_HOME_URL
              value: "https://tables.${SECRET_PRIVATE_DOMAIN}"
            - name: GRIST_DEFAULT_EMAIL
              value: "${SECRET_CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL}"
            - name: DEBUG
              value: "true"

Hi @leeward, could it be this issue:

Thanks so much, that solved it @paul-grist !

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