Set Record Custom Widget

Bonjour :sun_with_face::sun_with_face:,
I would like to put checkboxes in the custom widget
to be able to modify the current row in the list , is it possible ?
Or I should call the REST API in the html with the ID ?

Hi Sao,

To update a row from a custom widget you can use the following snippet:

// Get current table API object.
const table = grist.getTable();
// Update column is_cover in row that has id = 2
table.update({ id: 2, fields : { is_cover : false }});

Those two methods are documented here:
update record

Let me know if this helps in your use case.


thank you very much :smiley::+1:, I’ll try it this night.
And can use the β€œfilter” and "sort " method on a Table ?