Show column name in vertical (90°)

Is it possible to show the name of the column in vertical? I have a lot of column that have long names, but the field contains just an “X”. Since the column names are long, I need to scroll a lot to view everything and I can’t have a total view.

Sorry, that is not possible. I wonder if column descriptions might be useful here?

Here is an example: Long Column Headers + Descriptions - Grist

I copy and pasted the long column header into the column description. It appears in a tooltip on hover over the i icon.

In my example, I also added a keyword from the long header as a prefix to the header. Then I reduced the column width to only show the keyword. This acts as a reference to column contents at a glance. The reason I kept the long title in the header as well as the description is so that if I export this table, the column header has all the information in the export.

Oh, I see :anguished:
e need to see about 40/50 column at the same time to have the whole situation under control, so unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be for us :frowning:
Thanks for your help!