Showing list of referenced table

I’m so frustrated! I’m sorry guys, but I have tons of notes and links to forum threads and I still don’t get the “magic rule” to do this.

I want to show, at the first table, the list of “termosEquivalentes” that came from the second table… Please… again… :pensive:


Thanks in advance, again!

And the same need, in “reverse” reference:



You can replace $id by rec and it means the same thing.

This will return a ReferenceList which won’t look pretty. Assuming you want to see a list of termoEquivalente strings, either:

  1. Set the column type to ReferenceList and set ‘show column’ to termoEquivalente, or
  2. Add .termoEquivalente to the end of the formula.

The second case is similar, but because the column you’re looking up is a ReferenceList rather than just a Reference, you need CONTAINS:


And then use one of the two methods above to show the colecao column.

Thanks Alex! I’ll save this as a “rule”.

:pray: :pray: