Simple accounting sheet or account statement with actual value after each booking

I like how GRIST makes databases much easier than with excel or calc. But on the other side it makes simple things much more difficult. How can I create a simple sum table like this example with GRIST?


It is possible that there is no solution for such a trivial task? I tried to solve this with the ticker function, but didn’t get it.I don’t want to go back to excel, but if this couldn’t be done with grist, I can’t use it for the most applications I am working on.

Hi Ralph,

Accessing data from previous records is an issue that doesn’t always have the most elegant solution, but there are ways to do it.

I created a quick example to achieve what I think you’re looking here. What I do is seed an initial value (250) and then in subsequent rows look for the previous row’s “New Value”.

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