Simple Form to Add a Record

Maybe I’m missing something, but if you have a large dataset in a table (i.e. page) say over 1000 records, to add a new record to the table, you need to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page to add a new record. This is very tedious and as time goes on and more records get added it becomes even more tedious, and simply unmanageable. Is there any simple way to create some sort of Widget or Form type view to add a record to the table without having to scroll all the way down to the last record?

Hi @ddsgadget.

You can create a widget and add a filter to it that excludes all values, and use it as a data entry widget. Any new records you add won’t be immediately filtered, giving you a chance to set all of their fields.

If you’d prefer not to add a widget for data entry, there is also a shortcut for creating a record that doesn’t require scrolling. You can right click inside a widget to open the context menu, and then select Insert row, or one of the similarly named options for inserting above or below the currently selected record. These options also have keyboard shortcuts that are shown in the menu.

How do you do this? I don’t see any option in filters to exclude all values.

There’s a text button labeled “None” below the search bar in the filter menu. I’ve outlined it in red in the screenshot below.

Right click on a the row number on the far left of the table and select “Insert row above/below”?
You can do this on any row, including the first row, without scolling the table.

I hope I haven’t misunderstood the question.

Another way is to add a card on the same page, and to define the table’s “select by” on this card. That way, when you click on the “+”, the table scrolls to the bottom.

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Using the keyboard shortcut to add a row works well for this: cmd + enter