Sorting disappeared

The sorting in one of my tables disappeared twice today.
The first time I thought I did something wrong. So I added it back and made sure I clicked the check mark to save.
Now the second time, I’m pretty sure it disappeared by itself.

It’s the largest table in “To Do” in my account.
grist Screenshot 2022-10-21 164431

Sort and filter setting aren’t saved automatically, but if you save them (click the green checkbox that shows up on top, or see Search, sort & filter - Grist Help Center) they should get preserved.

I did save. I made sure I did. That’s why I reported this.

I think I may know why.

In that table, I used 3 or 4 columns to sort. In one of the sorting columns, I used “Use choice position”.

Then when I added a choice, the entire sorting got reset in the table. It shouldn’t do that. It should just use the new choice positions.

Although I tested and it’s not doing that, I can’t think of other reasons.

If you saved, and then the sort settings got cleared unexpectedly, then it looks like a bug. I tried to reproduce with “Use choice position” and adding choices, but couldn’t reproduce. It doesn’t sound like a likely culprit, but I can’t think of what it might be.