Spy Mystery but real usecase needed

Hi Team!

I hope everybody is doing great. I’ve got a unique scenario that I believe that Grist supports but before I dig in to resolve the issue I’d like proof of the concept.

I’d like to implement a system where each record can be individually locked by a unique password, providing exclusive access to that specific entry.

For instance, consider a scenario involving an anonymous team of operatives working in a foreign country. They’re listed in a table with their UUID number and a nickname, serving as proof of their association but withholding details about other team members.

Each row is secured with a password known only to the individual operator, granting them access solely to their own record while keeping other operators’ data confidential.

Additionally, the system should allow unlocking these rows even without being logged in, and it should handle the seamless addition of several thousand records, one at a time.

Is this possible? I can imagine the permissions getting messy as volume goes up but if it’s still manageable that would not be a problem.



Hi @Chris_Scott1, interesting scenario. I believe link keys allow doing everything you ask for:

It depends on how you want people to present passwords. If they can be presented in the URL, then I think link keys would do the job.

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Thanks @paul-grist. I’ll give that a try!

I’m assuming that any cell value can be used instead of UUID, with the idea that it would be hard to guess?

Yes, exactly any cell value that is hard to guess.

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