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How do I split/ text to column: Column “Tags”


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You could add a formula column with the formula


It would produce a Python array, with values such as ["newexport", "part2", "pos"].

To get a particular value, you can append [0], [1], etc to the formula, e.g. $Tags.split(".")[0] would be "newexport" (or use [-1] to get the last part).

If you convert this formula column to type ChoiceList, you could configure the choices with colors (if you don’t, they would still be usable, but tags would show up with a red border as invalid choices). With a ChoiceList column, you could filter by tag, or create a summary table to list all unique tags, and get counts for each one, or sums of numerical columns, or use it with widget-linking.

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The image resolution is a bit low but I think those are commas, not periods, in which case you would use $Tags.split(",") rather than "."

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