Suggestion -> cell with local (unique cell) formula

Hi Grist Team.

I was wondering, in excel when recording %type we often put the formual (eg 66% => “=2/3”) it help us keeping both value in case of investigation of the numbers.

Do not know but maybe adding a type cell formula (not column) that executes the local formula and keep the formula would help (it is also sometimes easy for short draft calculation). Needs to be safe, not overridding the column type, avoiding messing stuff also,…, but for (non formula column & numeric value) could be usefull.

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I like this idea, it would be very useful. For a quick calculation, you can actually use a cleaning trigger formula:

  return eval(value)
  return value

Now when you type anything, it will try to evaluate it as a python expression (so you can enter a math expression like 2 + 10). When it fails or you enter a text, it will just store the value you typed in.


@jarek I do like the idea of the “cleaning eval”, but in case one has sensitive data, it should be noted that it opens a “security” hole: it would allow editors whose access to some tables, columns or records is restricted to “reveal” them indirectly.


Thank you flagging this out @jperon! You are absolutely right, anyone who can edit a value in this column will have access to the whole document. The eval in formulas should be used with cautions.