Sum Visible records in a table

Is there a way to summarize data for just the visible rows in a table?

When I filter records in the lower table, I’d like to see the totals reflected in the Summary table above (it’s summed by Date)

I know I can do it by adding filters to the formula for the summary table, but I need to try different filters and its easy to filter a table, harder to keep changing the summary field formula

Excel has a function where you can add values for only visible records when you filter a table.

Is there a similar ability in Grist?

Summary tables don’t update when filtering – the summary values are shared across all places and users where this document is open, but the state of filters might be different.

But if you select a column, you will see at the bottom right of the table the sum of the values in the selected column, and that sum reflects the current filters. Might that help?

Thanks, I have been using the sums at the bottom. It’s just that there are a few so it would be easier if I could auto-update a summary table