Summarising column data for a CRM

Hi, I’m new to Grist and Python so still trying to find my feet…,

This is from an adaptation of the Lightweight CRM template.

I want to total each column and then starting from Answered?, divide each column total by the one before to get a % success rate for each step where YES is (obvs) a success.

I explain the same in this 1 min video: Recording #34

If someone can point me in the right direction, it would be much appreciated!

Thanks for your help.

Would this do the trick ? It uses a Summary Table with lookupRecords.


As @jperon suggested, Summary Tables are a good solution. The only hard part would be to convert Choice columns to numbers, to treat YES as 1 and NO as 0, as by default, they are text, and Grist won’t be able to count them. As an alternative, you can use a Toggle column as in this example.

You can read more about Summary Tables at the support site..


Brilliant, @jperon + @jarek, thanks so much, that solved it!